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Out come the knives, saws, steam irons and guns as Rapace, in her various guises, goes mano a mano a mano a mano (etc.) Despite her death, Monday's children are saved and develop in an artificial womb, and the final image of "What Happened To Monday" sees nurses tending to several hundred newborns in an enormous ward. When Monday fails to return home one day, the other sisters are understandably concerned. The remaining sisters (Thursday and Friday) guide Wednesday to a roof to make a fantastic leaping jump only to be shot in mid-air in the chest. Though the Monday Night Wars may be over you can still relive the memories of Jim Crockett Promotions and World Championship Wrestling on #WhatHappenedWhen every Wednesday! Electronic bracelets track all citizens. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. Wednesday is dead. The picture Nicolette paints is that these children who are put into cryosleep will be woken up when the crisis the world is going through is handled. Released August 18th, 2017, 'What Happened to Monday' stars Noomi Rapace, Marwan Kenzari, Christian Rubeck, Willem Dafoe The R movie has a runtime of about 2 hr 3 min, and received a user score. Ford, Rebecca (November 5, 2016). Her megalomaniac ways are exposed by Thursday and Tuesday when they find out that cryosleep is effectively a moniker for a method to dispose of the victims of the one-child policy. In the year 2043, overpopulation has led to a worldwide crisis and food shortage. What Happened to Monday ), poznat i pod naslovom Sedam sestara ( engl. Seven Sisters) u Kanadi, Francuskoj, paniji, Portugalu, Italiji, Poljskoj, Slovakoj, Maarskoj i Japanu, britansko-ameriko-francusko-belgijski je distopijski politiki triler iz 2017. godine u reiji Tommyja Wirkole. The technical storage or access is necessary for the legitimate purpose of storing preferences that are not requested by the subscriber or user. In an update . She asks for a time-out and goes in to meet with her sisters. Helen Armitage is a freelance writer based in the UK who has been writing online since late 2013. sniper kills Jerry, Wednesday flees his apartment. It will quickly become a documentary if it is just an objective representation. The film was originally written for a man, but director Tommy Wirkola had always wanted to work with Noomi Rapace. Multiple sequences gave me so many Matrix vibes - was there any influence from The Wachowskis movies. Issue 6: Brave New Worlds: Utopias and Dystopias What Happened to Monday What Happened to Monday? Less convincing than the running is the Karens detective work, and what it uncovers, as they try to sort out the allegiances of a leering colleague (Pal Sverre Hagen) and the man (Marwan Kenzari) who claims to be the secret lover of one of the sisters. To keep that major violation of the one-child policy under wraps, the sisters pretend to be one person Karen Settman. Their grandfather and Karen's father, Terrence, names them after the days of the week and trains them to pose as a single individual named after their mother, leaving the house only on the day of their name. The Hollywood Reporter is a part of Penske Media Corporation. That is until, one day, Monday does not come home. The sisters must look and act the same in the outside world while they live together in an apartment. The seven of them are sisters, identical septuplets. However, the kids had to assume the name Karen outside. This page was last edited on 5 February 2023, at 23:41. Powered by WordPress.com VIP. There are now too many humans on the planet. Tags: wrestling What Happened When Episode 312: Tony Watches Undertaker Matches! Will a day ever come when it's too late to turn back? What Happened To Monday ends with a strange sense of victory over evil. CAB agents then pick off the sisters one-by-one until just Thursday, Tuesday and Monday who is alive and well after all are left. Next day, Tuesday heads out to work and tries to act normal. The next day Wednesday heads out to find out more. Thanks for reading! After the explosion which engulfs in flames and blows a group of CAB officers across a corridor, the main guy shows up very soon after without a mark on him, and his shirt and tie have no effects of the event. They keep her alive. The star is up for the challenge, but the high concept quickly unravels. In a world where families are limited to one child due to overpopulation, a set of identical septuplets must avoid being put to a long sleep by the government and dangerous infighting while investigating the disappearance of one of their own. An image of fallout from an explosion is haunted by memories of 9/11, and there are troubling glimpses of the dispossessed in the Lower Sector all of it, finally, passing scenery to the main, pummeling action. For one, it's scary. [12], Jessica Kiang of Variety called it a "ludicrous, violent, amusingly dumb sci-fi actioner". While much of the film is not complicated, the characters do get a little muddled. [3][9] The film received mixed reviews from critics. Unfortunately, twins. Differentiated by hairstyle and attitude, the sisters include martini-sipping platinum blonde Saturday, plain-Jane tech whiz Friday, and rebellious Thursday. Although no more children are further killed, and the dread seems to disappear, the maternity wards expansive shot is symbolic of the trying times that await us. August 8, 2022. When it was her turn to be frozen, she attacked the scientists and went to look for her siblings. Three Guards - Beaten to death by Adrian. What problems could be solved if we put aside our selfish desires? Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved for this purpose alone cannot usually be used to identify you. Distributor: Netflix Tuesday is also found alive and is kept hostage as a way to ensure that Monday won't back out. Meanwhile, Adrian showed up in the apartment looking for Karen. Thursday assumed that he had an affair with one of them, so she encouraged Saturday to come with him and gather information. What Happened to Monday is an American science-fiction dystopia movie created by Max Botkin and Kerry Williamson. When Karen Settman dies giving birth to identical septuplets they are raised in secret by their grandfather; he names them after the days of the week. agents arrive and kill Saturday after she tells her siblings Monday was dating Adrian. Things get even worse when Tuesday makes an attempt to find Monday and gets abducted by the Child Allocation Bureau (CAB), which is the organization that supposedly takes extra children who are born and puts them into cryosleep. [6], What Happened to Monday premiered at the 2017 Locarno Festival. Aron is an explorer, both of ideas and places. 2017 dystopian science-fiction action-thriller film directed by Tommy Wirkola. Cayman orders C.A.B. He loves learning something new and traveling to new places. Each child, named after a day of the week, will be able to leave the house on the day that correlates with their name (Monday goes out Monday, Tuesday on Tuesday, etc. Each take turns assuming the single identity of Karen Settman, putting on an act as an only child, only to express their true selves at home. The world opts for genetically modified crops which get fast-tracked around the globe. That said, this movie is full of cursing, graphic violence, and an extremely graphic sex scene that is not entirely consensual at first. Keeping Tuesday alive is the fail-safe option for Caymans ambition to gain entry into the governmental setup. This was reason enough to make her not go home. Genre: Sci-Fi | Thriller IMDB SPOILERS AHEAD. Day 3: On Tuesday, Jesus Goes to the Mount of Olives The Mount of Olives. Back in their sprawling bunker of an apartment, they revert to their real personalities, sharing takeout meals of roasted rat as a break from the usual GMO fare. Apparently, gravity and height are best ignored in case of goof-ups like these. Ultimately, Mondays and Adrians shared desire for parenthood forces them to go against the norm. Tackling real life issues, Jackson never shies away from hitting the reader in the face . "[11] According to Metacritic, which calculated a weighted average score of 47 out of 100 based on 12 critics, the film received "mixed or average reviews". The films themes and its narrative revolving around the seven sisters got us hooked, and we decided to go through its details for an informed point of view. Nicolette Cayman - Sentenced to death and executed off-screen, mentioned in news report. Admitting that she cannot survive on her own, Friday sacrifices herself by blowing up their apartment to allow Thursday to escape and rescue Monday. Karen dies. One by one, they're picked off and killed by the agents, until Thursday and the still-missing Tuesday and Monday areall who are left. Thursday and Friday get attacked. Download What Happened to Monday (2017) | TheNetNaija.me.mp4 Netnaija Mp4 To curb these effects, government authorities have implemented a one-child policy with every second child of a family being put to cryosleep, a vegetative state which can be reversed when better situations resurface. Then again, cryosleep might just be double-speak for euthanasia. Given her characters sequestered upbringing by a man who sounds like Willem Dafoe, it doesnt quite explain her Scandi-accented English. could have probably turned into a spectacularly dark bit of body horror, but instead director Tommy Wirkola, working off of a script that was originally intended for The. ', "Willem Dafoe Joins Glenn Close, Noomi Rapace in 'What Happened to Monday', "Isabelle Huppert, Noomi Rapace, and Bodybuilders: 7 Must-See Summer Movies From the 2017 Locarno Film Festival", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=What_Happened_to_Monday&oldid=1137689570, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from April 2022, All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0. That is until Monday doesn't come home. Wirkola doesn't hold back on the violence, and a few scenes with severed body parts are stomach-churning. They will eventually be born into the world of dying humans. She starts making a deal on how her children would survive (bearing in mind that the Child Allocation Act would not allow one to have more than one child). That is until, one day, Monday does not come home.. As with Jackson's debut novel, Allegedly, this extremely moving YA Contemporary story is heavy and emotionally, I'll admit, a lot to process. Saturday leaves home with Adrian to his place. Tuesday is alive and captive without an eye. Tommy Wirkola brings us What Happened To Monday which has Noomi Rapace starring in seven roles. Marie Everett as Karen Settman, the mother of the siblings and daughter of Terrence Settman. Rapace gets to show off her action chops in the film, fighting Child Allocation Bureau goons in a variety of fight scenes with guns, fists, and the nearest household item. Cast Noomi Rapace as The Settman Siblings: Monday Settman, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Time passes, they grow up. Wirkola, DP Jose David Montero and VFX supervisor Bryan Jones combine the performances within the frame in strikingly seamless fashion not just for Rapace but also for Clara Read, who plays the tween version of the sisters in flashback scenes that show precisely what kind of sacrifices their ruse requires. In her dying moments, Monday revealed that she sold them out because she had children with Adrian. Visual effects supervisor: Bryan Jones is also swerved when he finds out the reality of the cryosleep. He helps the sisters escape the C.A.B and manages to protect his twins from the dreaded one-child policy. She ends up falling pretty bad and gets her index finger cut off. This is why the seven sisters all pretend to be a single person: if not for their acting and coordination where each sister goes outside of their shared apartment on the day matching their name (for example, "Monday" going outside only on Mondays), six of the sisters would have already been taken in by the government and put to sleep. The Ending Of What Happened To Monday Explained. Meanwhile, Tuesday and Adrian broadcast Thursday's video footage of the child's incineration, leaving everyone at the event shocked. Oh, and if this article doesnt answer all of your questions, drop me a comment or an FB chat message, and Ill get you the answer. Mercutio is killed. Set in the near future, What Happened to Monday is a Sci-Fi action film starring Willem Dafoe, Glen Close and Noomi Rapace playing the seven grown-up septuplets that to the outside world are one . In a world where families are limited to one child due to overpopulation, a set of identical septuplets must avoid being put to a long sleep by the government and dangerous infighting while investigating the disappearance of one of their own. Barry is a technologist who helps start-ups build successful products. agent who talks to her. Dystopian settings have proven to be some of the most varied and fascinating realms of science fiction. What Happened to Monday Photos View All Photos Movie Info In a world where families are allowed only one child due to overpopulation, resourceful identical septuplets must avoid governmental. While it is satisfying to know that families no longer have to be burdened and no more children will be killed, the fact remains that the overpopulation problem is still a very real dilemma. (Q&A)". The sisters' apartment is raided simultaneously by a C.A.B. SPOILERS AHEAD. Shes then shot in the head and falls to her death (metallic dumpster or not). 'What Happened to Monday' - Exhilarating Action Thriller. She locates Tuesday. To safeguard their secret, Terrence ensures they share information at a meeting on a daily basis and replicates any accident that affects one of the sisters' physical appearance. Hes just an idiot in the middle of chaos and is bound to die because of his ignorance. He goes up to find a dead Friday being taken out. At about 6:30 p.m. There are the usual holographic touchscreens, familiar by now from countless sci-fi movies, while digital displays in the palms of citizens hands show that the meld between human and machine is underway. The film offers an ending that forces us to think through Caymans ideas, and even though the method is immoral, there definitely is some truth in the facts. What Happened to Monday is a challenging film to review. The year is 2073, where overpopulation, limited fossil fuels and global food shortage have led to the biggest crisis in human history and the enforcement of the strict mandatory one-child-per-family policy, called the "Child Allocation Act". People finding out about seven kids making it all these years will ruin things for her. The remaining sisters try to uncover the secret behind Mondays disappearance and find themselves in the midst of vile happenings that jeopardize their lives. Swallow Movie Explained: What Is The Movie About? The movie, which will follow its Locarno premiere with an Aug. 18 launch on Netflix before rolling out theatrically in Europe and Asia, starts off promisingly. Friday gains access to the Bureaus network. Over time, Monday has become quite content with being Karen in the external world as well as inside home. She goes to Jerrys place to confront him. agents use an enucleated eye to bypass a retinal scanner at the Settman home. The captured children are clandestinely incinerated under this program. Hear for yourself why What Happened When with Tony Schiavone . In 2073, Monday prepares her disguise, nervous about giving a presentation. Clara Read as the young Settman siblings. A competitor for promotion, Jerry, rode the elevator with her and hinted at the possibility of blackmailing. In Christianity, Holy Monday is the last Monday prior to Easter Sunday; it is the second day of Holy Week after Palm Sunday. Thursday takes on the name Karen. Whit Monday or Pentecost Monday, also known as Monday of the Holy Spirit, is the holiday celebrated the day after Pentecost, a moveable feast in the Christian liturgical calendar.It is moveable because it is determined by the date of Easter.In the Catholic Church, it is the Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, marking the resumption of Ordinary Time. 795. [3], Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator, reports that 59% of 37 surveyed critics gave the film a positive review, with an average rating of 5.8/10. He names them each by one day of the week. Instead of being frozen, the child is incinerated. On the day of the promotion, Monday doesnt return back home. Those who love it love it, while those who hate it passionately hate it. Christian Rubeck as Joe, the head of security at C.A.B. The childrens grandfather, Karens father, named them after each day of the week and only allowed them to go out of their home on the day of their name. Set in the near future, where certain genetically modified foods have led to a massive increase in multiple births, there isn't enough food to feed the increasing population. But Sunday gets shot, she dies. Is it because she suddenly develops support for the CAB's drive to stop overpopulation? What Happened to Monday is a familiar gimmick in a sci-fi story we've seen before / Noomi Rapace plays seven identical sisters in Netflix's latest film. The film follows the story of Thelma, a , Being John Malkovich is, to this day, one of the strangest, most surreal movie experiences ever. One day when they are young, Thursday decides to sneak out and skate. Noomi Rapace plays Karen Settman, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the movie "What Happened to Monday". Do give it a watch. Monday and Thursday had a confrontation where the latter emerged victorious. They assume shes dead too. Monday siphons millions of the banks Euros into Nicolettes campaign account. Her elaborate scheme of cryosleep is nothing but a ruse to maintain a charade in front of the general populace. She captures video evidence of this and broadcasts it during Caymans campaign, letting the public know all about CABs nefarious dealings. The rating for the movie is 3.7 over 5 and its quite good for a science fiction movie. In there, the agents fought with the sisters and were defeated. Adrian now realizes "Karen" is an assumed identity for several siblings and claims to love Monday, whom he agrees to help rescue. All siblings, born thereafter, are remanded to Bureau-enforced cryosleep. Jerry has nothing on the sisters. Mondays betrayal stems from their upbringing in the harrowing conditions. Saturday also finds out from the conversation that Adrian has been seeing Monday. Each woman goes out in the world as Karen Settman on the day of the week that coincides with her name. Thursday (and the audience) finally realizes that it was Monday who sold them out. She secretly compromises the knowledge and location of her six sisters in return for her to be free and live her life normally as Karen. So they are all killed off. She leaves. What Happened To Monday: Kuwento ni Monday. Tuesday is taken in by the authority. On a video feed, the sisters believe they have found Monday in a holding cell. What Happened to Monday still has its own identity, though. 8.2/10 ( 135 ) 6.9 /10 : 55,363 47 100 | : - $ : 123 The girls have their own identity but are, on each of their days of the week, living the life of a Karen Settman. Yes, they get to stay together and live, but having to lead such an overly controlled lifestyle rather than thriving on their own terms begins to negatively affect them. As shes shown in a number of performances, beginning with The Girl With theDragon Tattoo, Rapace brings a feral yet elegant athleticism to action, a quality that Wirkola knows how to showcase as his star races through the city, with its requisite dystopian rain. Karen Settman died after giving birth to septuplets (seven children born at one birth). It explores the concepts ofmanipulation, infidelity, and obsessive love, , Geralds Game is a film directed by Mike Flanagan (also the director of Oculus). They see Mondays twins growing in an artificial womb and names them Terry and Karen, perhaps in the memory of their grandfather and the shared identity of Karen Settman, their mother. Kiang said that, although it is full of plot holes and Rapace's characters are thinly characterized, it is likely to become a cult film.[5]. The remaining sisters go on the hunt for Monday while also trying to avoid the sudden barrage of bureau agents who make numerous attempts to apprehend them. If she had to pick a favorite horror movie it would probably be The Shining but Ari Asters Hereditary and Midsommar rank in joint second place. Nicolette is devastated. Karen Settman dies while giving birth to identical septuplets. Watched but not Read. With Noomi Rapace (EXCLUSIVE)", "Locarno Film Review: 'What Happened to Monday? He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves. In a world where families are limited to one child due to overpopulation, a set of identical septuplets must avoid being put to a long sleep by the government and dangerous infighting while investigating the disappearance of one of their own. Just then, Adrian shows up at their door. According to tradition, Holy Monday is the day . Thursday shoots Monday. This also includes making sure each child appears identical in every way, including blemishes and injuries. Wednesday makes a run for it as they come to get her. What Happened To Monday was released in 2017 and while it didn't receive the acclaim ofAnnihilation or I Am Mother, it was nevertheless a timely, topical sci-fi story with a unique premise. Synopsis. Each of them gets one day of the week to go out and be Karen. The Child Allocation Bureau was established and mandated a one-child policy to combat the problem of overpopulation. [8] The film stars Noomi Rapace, Glenn Close and Willem Dafoe. Ang iba ay ibang-iba at pinipilit ang kanilang sarili na mabuhay bilang Karen sa kanilang araw. The plot is centred on Hunter, , Historical films are challenging to make. This step is important as it allows the next girl to go out and continue being Karen. However, she was captured by the C.A.B. Learning the eye is Tuesday's, the sisters suspect Jerry may have sold them out. Yet her decision is still rather selfish, as she only considers her own children, willing to make a deal with the CAB while still allowing the organization to continue to take away other children. However, when AdrianKnowles manages to sneak Thursday into the headquarters, it's discovered that Cayman's tales are all lies, as they incinerate a child right before their eyes. All siblings will be put to sleep using technology called cryosleep, hoping the siblings will wake up to a better world, a utopia. Tommy Wirkola, who brought us Nazi zombies and turned Hansel and Gretel into witch hunters, casts his speculative gaze toward near-future dystopia in What Happened to Monday, a thriller that pits. Most Underrated Sci-Fi Movies of the 21st Century. They gouge out Tuesdays eyeball to gain access to her apartment, secured by a retina scanner. Joe - Shot in the chest by Adrian. They two of them begin to fight. Or so they say. It won thePalme dOr at the 1995 , Youre probably wondering what the movie was about, yeah? Terrence reminds them of the importance of going out only one at a time, and that what happens to one of them must happen to all of them. She dies. Its the story of Dave who lives on a dump yard with . What Happened To Monday? Following a young girl, Claudia, after the disappearance of her best friend, Monday, Monday's Not Coming is sure to tear at your heartstrings. Like any good dystopian sci-fi, "What Happened to Monday" forces us to reexamine the world we live in. Terrence doesnt announce the 7 siblings to the authorities. Nicolette was technically saving the human race but she was doing it through lies and deceit. And then, one day, something happens to Monday. A staple of the US political. To counter this a strict one child policy is enforced; younger siblings are placed in cryosleep to await better times. In a far and not so bright future when population boom leads to a shortage of food, water, and dwelling the government legislate on a one-child policy. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. From "Planet of the Apes" to "Mad Max: Fury Road," there's an endless array of cinematic interpretations of humanity's downfall that we can't get enough of. 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